The Age of Texting Your Clients Has Arrived

Over the last few decades, technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of daily life. From iPhones to Amazon Alexa to Bitcoin, society itself has become dependant on technology, and there’s no slowdown in sight. Whether talking to a friend or a business, we have all become accustomed to instant communication.

Law firms are no exception to this trend. Thanks to the Internet, legal clients have become more educated – and more demanding – than ever before. It’s critical for law firms to provide quick assistance. While unconventional to some, many attorneys have opted to text clients to streamline communication. Texting can save time, and is a powerful tool for hard to reach clients.

Should you and your staff capitalize on the convenience of texting?

More Texts, Fewer Phone Calls

According to research, 32% of people of all ages prefer texting to calling. With the option to text, your law firm can expect fewer incoming phone calls. Attorneys and staff can also reduce the number of outgoing calls by texting clients instead – with their permission, of course.

When your paralegal has a simple question, or just needs to remind a client about a doctor’s appointment, texting is almost always more convenient than calling. And with 90% of texts being read in less than three minutes after being delivered, it’s more expedient than sending an email or leaving a voicemail. Texting is better for you, and better for your clients.

Improved Client Experience

Statistics show 31% of people prefer text messages to phone calls. Letting clients choose their preferred contact method improves communication throughout their case. Given the choice to receive calls or texts, their answers might surprise you. Many working clients may prefer a text during the day as opposed to a call during office hours.

If you text clients from a case management software like CASEpeer, that client communication is automatically logged on their case. Even their responses will be captured instantly in the notes and case timeline. Keeping an accurate record of client communication is key to consistent customer service.

Texting Saves Attorneys and Staff Time

Texting is as convenient for attorneys and staff as it is for your law firm’s clients. For simple communication, texting is almost always faster than calling. This is especially true for clients that are difficult to reach by phone or email.

Who Will be Texting Clients?

Some attorneys may recognize the benefits of texting clients, but are concerned about giving out their phone number or having paralegals texting clients. The text to case feature in CASEpeer allows law firms to pick a number that will be used exclusively for texting through the practice management software.

CASEpeer’s layered permissions allows law firm administrators to choose who can text clients. This ensures that the feature is not abused by new or inexperienced staff – allowing you to control the client experience.

Embracing texting can improve your law firm’s effectiveness, save you time, and make clients happier. Are you ready to try this “new” form of client communication?

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