5 Legal Case Management Software Myths

Although legal case management software has been around for decades, there are still many myths surrounding it. Some of these myths stem from old truths about older case management solutions. Others come from the resistance to change that comes natural to some lawyers.

It is important to dispel these misconceptions. Due largely to technology, the legal industry itself is changing. Soon, law firms will have to adapt or risk being left behind.

Myth: Case Management Software Isn’t Worth the Cost

Many legal professionals do not understand that the right case management software will more than pay for itself. Other attorneys will tell confirm that case management software has transformed how their law firm operates. In many law firms, legal software pays for itself just in the time saved generating documents.

Beyond documents, it can help your team organize cases, standardize business processes, store contacts, and much more. Imagine if your practice management software made your existing staff more efficient and effective, putting off the need to hire a new person.

Myth: Case Management Software Lacks Features for Larger Law Firms

There are some legal practice management solutions tailored to solo and small firms, but there are many available for larger firms as well. Some features especially useful to larger firms are time tracking and billing, task management, and reports.

If you’re a large law firm, do research to find the most comprehensive solution for your needs.

Myth: It’s Cheaper to Buy Separate Solutions

Many law firms become overwhelmed and frustrated when they search for case management solutions – and understandably so. There are many technologies out there. To avoid missing out on features they think they need, many law firms choose a patchwork of solutions to piece together their own quasi-case management software.

This often includes a CRM, calendar software, Excel, document management, and more. While this can work, it’s not an efficient use of time or money. The right practice management software can be the single comprehensive solution to your firm’s needs.

Myth: Case Management Software is Too Hard to Use

While some solutions are more user-friendly than others, many modern solutions are designed to be easy to use. If you’re skeptical, schedule a demo with each software you are considering. You might be surprised to see what they look like.

There will be a learning curve for any legal software, but make sure the time you take to learn the product does not exceed the time you’re saving by using it.

Myth: Case Management Software Isn’t as Secure as Paper Files

Attorneys are right to be concerned about the security of their client files. The trust in paper files over digital girls, however, is misplaced. Paper files can fall victim to natural disasters, theft, and loss, to name a few risks.

Most modern case management solutions offer highly secure cloud based environments for your data.

Because the legal technology industry is now over 30 years old, it has seen many different solutions emerge and decline. The market has spoken, and some of the best programs flourished while the lesser ones fizzled away. If your law firm is thinking about implementing software for the first time or updating your current solution, do your research. You have lots of options, and some solutions will be better suited for your firm than others.

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