Four Ways to Grow Your Law Firm

Most attorneys are looking to grow their law firm. Advancing your practice can be difficult in the competitive legal market. Growing a business requires vision – and an investment of time and money.

Once you’ve decided where you want your firm to be in five years, put your team to work. At CASEpeer, we’re dedicated to helping attorneys succeed. We talked to experts, and compiled the steps law firms should take to grow their business.

Optimize Your Law Firm’s Customer Service

Some law firms underestimate the importance of customer service. Successful attorneys understand that the law is a service industry. The simple truth is, clients satisfaction leads to client referrals. Try implementing several methods of communication to figure out which forms your clients prefer. These can include emails, texts, and phone calls.

Make sure your clients are kept informed throughout the duration of their case or matter. Train your staff to be courteous, patient, and proactive. It’s important to communicate your expectations to every member of your team, from reception to attorneys. This way your clients will have a seamless and consistent experience.

Supercharge Your Legal Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing campaigns are essential to growing any practice. Whether you’re a personal injury attorney or a family lawyer, supercharge your marketing strategy. It helps to have a dedicated marketing person in house. Law firms should be using some (or all) of these popular social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Millions of daily users are active on social media. Growing law firms benefit from the exposure posts, tweets, and pages provide. Your marketing team should develop a strategic plan specific to their audience. This plan can include tailored posts, photos, timelines, and narratives.

Utilize Law School Networks To Find Talent

Posting job openings and position availabilities in law school employment portals can help your firm’s trajectory. Recent graduates have a fresh perspective, and are eager to learn. They will be open to learning things your way, without prejudices inherited from other firms.

Establish a Good Firm Culture

A good firm culture can be seen through the work you do. Teamwork, respect, and trust are all valued assets and should be visible at your firm. If an employee doesn’t look forward to coming to work, they won’t execute their responsibilities well. Employees are more productive and proactive if they enjoy going to work. 

Remember, establishing a positive firm culture begins with you.

Successful law firms understand the importance of the steps above. From tailored marketing strategies to excellent customer service, growing a law firm is a team effort. Write down your vision, and communicate it to your attorneys and staff. Set goals, and check in regularly to see if your law firm’s growth is on track.

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